The Undergraduate Program of the Department of Port Management and Shipping provides the possibility of an optional Internship for its students. The Internship is an elective course of the 6th or greater semester of the Curriculum and takes place during the summer months of July-August. The Internship awards seven (7) credits (ECTS), corresponds to an elective course and is included in the Degree Supplement. The Internship program of the Department of Port Management and Shipping, provides the opportunity for students to acquire practical skills and to demonstrate and put into practice the skills and knowledge they have acquired during their studies.

The Departmental Internship Office announces a call around the middle of the spring semester, in order students to express their interest in participating in the Internship Program, posted on the Department’s website. The interested parties are required to apply an application within the stipulated deadline. To find available placement positions for the students, the Internship Office:


(a) is in contact with companies in the shipping and port industry, the transport industry, financial and other entities and civil bodies,

(b) groups and organizes the available positions according to their field; and

(c) announces to the students their rankings, about their internship positions, as approved by the Departmental Assembly.

The trainee students’ placement, is carried out according to the score they achieve in a series of predefined criteria, as detailed in the relevant Internship Regulations, as well as any more specific conditions and qualifications required by the host companies. The basic grading criteria of the students for their selection in the Internship Program, is the successful completion of at least 20 courses (either compulsory or elective). Additionally to the relative score achieved by the students, their final choice depends on the number of positions offered by the companies and institutions participating in the Internship Program.