Career prospects

The graduates of the Department of the School of Economics and Political Science of NKUA specialize in the management of shipping companies, the management of port organizations, supply chain, and maritime transport, while, in the meantime have the necessary background knowledge of the marine environment.

The graduates of the Department can be employed as executives of financial and administrative services of shipping companies (commercial, passenger, tourist shipping, etc.).

They can also be employed as executives of financial and administrative services of public or private sectors and port management organizations but also as executives of companies in the field of supply chain and maritime transport management in companies, public organizations, financial institutions, national and international bodies.

Αctivities that support the provision of maritime transport and commercial services (e.g. financing companies, investment appraisal services, consulting services, charter services, maritime insurance, supply chain, supply chain mediation, etc.) and generally business and the economy.

The acquisition of further specialized knowledge through continuous training, based on the solid interdisciplinary background provided by the Department can help graduates trace their path to top management positions in the aforementioned professional fields, depending on their personal aspirations and goals.