Department Presentation

The newly established Department of Ports Management and Shipping, located in Euripus Campus, is part of the Department of Economics and Political Sciences of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens.

Its goal is to provide a combination of high level scientific academic studies, with the production of innovative theoretical and applied research of international standards. Moreover, it focuses on the field of shipping business management, port management and administration, as well as that of businesses belonging to the wider spectrum of maritime transportation and supply chain.

These business sectors play a vital role in the invigorating process of economic development, in which Greece systematically holds an internationally leading position.

Through the multidimensional curriculum, students of the Department will delve into modern scientific approaches and acquire a broad theoretical background, applied knowledge and practical skills. Moreover, they will acquire strong comparative academic advantages that support full potential to seek career opportunities both in the domestic and international labor market, as trained executives in shipping companies and port management, maritime transport, supply chain, and in general, financial management and business administration.

The development of a modern curriculum, the collaborations with the wider maritime community and companies, the multidisciplinary research activities, and the utilization of multifaceted synergies, all within the scope of the School of Economics and Political Sciences along with the international institutions and business groups and organizations, offer  the students of the Department dynamic prospects and attractive opportunities for development in a wide variety of companies in one of the most dynamic branches of the Greek and world economy.

Furthermore, the curriculum strongly supports Blue Growth, the main axes of which are Blue Economy and sustainable exploitation of the marine environment. At the same time, it integrates ports in the framework of the Integrated Management of the Coastal Zone.

Finally, the curriculum provides the students and graduates of the department with the required background knowledge to be involved in the legal framework that governs the port development and management, and shipping.

Upon completion of their studies, the students will possess the crucial scientific knowledge to contribute to the strengthening of Greek Shipping as an international leading force, as well as to the development of a modern national port system that will promote the country as a central transit hub with an international reach.

Located in an area known since ancient times for its strong economic development, its maritime tradition and its exceptional, for Greece, tidal phenomenon of Euripus Strait, the Department enhances the potential of the city of Chalkida and the wider area to become a modern shipping hub, through the development of complex shipping business activities (commercial, transport, tourist, fishing, leisure, etc).