Department Collaborations

Collaboration between the Ports Management and Shipping Department (PMS) of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (NKUA) and the Ports Organization of the Prefecture of Evia (OLNE).

A multidimensional collaboration between the PMS and OLNE, was established after a meeting held on Thursday, July 9, 2020 at the premises of the OLNE.

The two parties agreed to jointly promote activities such as internships and educational visits of students of the Department to the Organization’s premises, presentations of OLNE executives in PMS, the contribution of the Department to the needs of the Organization in applied studies, organizational and administrative issues, human resources, and strategic issues of development and to the mid-career training of its executives. Furthermore, the two parties will contribute to the development of entrepreneurship in the Prefecture of Evia.

The main goal is to establish a beneficial two-way relationship, which on one hand will enhance the educational process of the Department of Ports Management and Shipping and the career of its graduates, while  on the other hand they will substantially assist the Ports Organization of the Prefecture of Evia in implementing its vital strategic plan.

The fruitful synergy between the two parties is expected to trigger the expansion of the collaborations between the entire academic community of NKUA and the companies as well as the society of the Prefecture of Evia.


The Ports Management and Shipping Department will broadly support its successful operation in creating an extensive network of companies in its area, broader region and country, as well as a network of people involved in technology and management in ports, shipping, and related supply chains. It is notable that this collaboration will not affect the research and educational autonomy of the University, yet it maintains in cases of confidential business issues.