Lykourgos Kourkouvelas



Lykourgos Kourkouvelas is a graduate of the Musicology Department at Royal Holloway, University of London, where he, also, completed his Masters in Historical Musicology. In 2005 he completed a second master’s degree in Modern History from the same university. In 2010 he completed his PhD thesis at the University of Athens, under the title Greece and the Issue of Nuclear Weapons, 1957-1963. The thesis was published in Athens in 2011. In 2014 his second book was published under the title, George Theotokas: Political Thinker, which was nominated for the Literature Award of the Greek State.

Moreover, he has published extensively in Greek and English speaking academic journals and has participated in various academic conferences. His research interests are on the history and contemporary international shipping relations and the history of political ideas in the twentieth century. He has taught early modern and modern European and Greek history at the University of Cyprus, the Technological University of Cyprus, the Open University of Cyprus and the Hellenic Open University. He has been appointed Assistant Professor in the Department of Port and Maritime Studies of the University of Athens.

– «Monitoring the Rise of a Radical Force: The British Embassy in Athens and the Rise of the Greek Panhellenic Socialist Movement, 1974-1981», Southeast European and Black Sea Studies (February 2017).

– «Greece’s Westernizers: K. Tsatsos, P. Kanellopoulos and G. Theotokas on Greece’s Cultural and Political Orientation», in Robert Holland, George Kazamias, Anastasia Yiangou (ed.), The Greeks and the British in the Levant, 1800-1960s: Between Empires and Nations (London: Routledge, 2016).